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A creative outlet that focuses on making easy to use Canva templates for small businesses and content creators.

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What's this about?

Dorm Cat is a creative project using the online graphic design platform Canva to make graphic templates for small businesses and entrepreneurs and sell them on different relevant platforms such as Etsy. The project idea finds its motivation in people's general want for convenience in a content demanding world. Platforms such as Instagram needs a lot of activity and if the creator's skill is not in graphical design but instead things such as writing, E-commerce or life coaching, these templates make life easier for them.


Time consumption is extremely customizable since I can decide how much time I want to spend making templates. This means I can just keep it at my pace and not drain myself to keep this going. Same thing with difficulty, because it uses Canva as the primary production platform the skill requirement is quite low. At some points, I might supplement with Adobe PS or Illustrator but that's a personal choice.


As for marketing, the potential profit is vastly outweighed by the amount of energy it takes to market using social media. Running ads at this stage is also counterproductive as it would eat up any small revenue I might make. The best course of action is therefore to build up my backlist of products and use this time to make sure the product setup is optimized and user friendly.

What are the goals?

The goal here is a somewhat passive income growth project. With a potential income in the 4-figure sums per month, this project could easily become a full-time occupation once the initial setup is done and profits begin rolling in. But by continuing to build relevant templates I can probably even hit 5 digits in a few years' time, assuming I continue with the project for that long.


More importantly, this is 100% online work. I can do this from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Meaning I will have a semi-passive income source I can grow from anywhere in the world, hello sunny beaches!


Not only does this help financial stability, but it will also help fund larger projects, outsource menial tasks, buy specialist help when I hit roadblocks or want to do something special. Last but not least, this helps diversify my income streams which is always a good thing, never depend on only your daytime job salary. 

Future steps

I have started uploading a few product listings on Etsy to see how they are perceived. When I have more data I can decide what styles, colours and themes to focus on, and I can diversify the platforms I upload to as well.

There are three key points to this project:

1. Making a desirable product,

2. having as many potential eyes on them as possible, and

3. having as many products as possible to increase how many sales I get per day.

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