Mural of Dragons

Awakening, Saenni, like every other dragon, knew a few things: her name, her purpose, and her heritage. The first step in a dragon's life is to clear a trial to gain access to their powers, as well as gain their true name. Her first trial is to aid a human in their quest to unify their world.


Her mission, according to Saenni, would be a lot easier if the puny human would just listen to her guidance in the first place and not bother so much about the morality of things. Yet, in order to fulfil the requirements, she tags along on the human's quest, more out of spite than want. At least, when she was done with this trial and stupid human she would be moving on to the real deal.


The story, MoD - Rise of the Black Dragon, is a web serial, one chapter written, edited, and posted per week. The story is written live on stream on Mondays, and posted on Patreon on Fridays - the same chapter will be posted online one week later.

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