New Year, More Goals

At the end of each year I sit down and go over the goals I made a year earlier. If I fulfilled them, yey! And if I didn't, I go over why and if it's something I can instead fulfill the coming year, or if I should scrap it and focus on something else.

2017's goals were:

  • Do something related to my writing every day.

I have! It feels so good to have fulfilled this one. even if I didn't write every day, I read, edited, worked with my platform, did world building stuff, educated myself on the publishing process, as well as what to think about when editing, and so much more.

  • Finish the Sword of Dalkor process

Not finished, but I'd say about 70% done. That's good for now, as I still have to balance my writing with my work and my health.

  • Visit a new country

I went to Prague, Czech Republic! Sadly, both my boyfriend and I got really sick the evening we arrived so we couldn't leave the hotel for more than a few minutes at the time. But the little we did see was really beautiful! And I ate arguably the best beef steak I've ever had in the hotel's restaurant. I still have dreams about it.

  • Make my company grow

I'm so happy to be able to say that I managed this. The last quarter was the best one so far, and we'll use this momentum to keep growing!

  • Begin training parkour

This didn't happen at all. Like, not even close. I'm not bitter about it, it was more of a "this would be cool" type of thing really. Health had to take precedent and so this goal was not achievable by the time the newbie sessions began.

  • Improve my health in general

It was a good goal to have, I reckon. Didn't happen though. This is probably the worst year in my life, health wise. Or it could just be that I finally went to the doctor's for it. Though I think it's a mix of both really.

Result: 3/6 goals achieved.

When I've gone through them like this it's time to write new one!

For this year I've decided to up my writing related goal/s, and scrap the parkour one.

  • Finish Sword of Dalkor

  • Finish first draft of Brewing Trouble

  • Do something related to my writing every day

  • Make my company grow

  • Improve my health in general

  • Learn the basics for the piano

I try to stick to six major goals each year, so for 2018 I think these are good. I have a bunch of smaller ones (for example, to finish the Brewing Trouble draft I've broken it down to smaller sections such as "finish chapter 1" and "complete subplot x", etc.), but they're too many to write down here.

Feel free to either drop a comment here about what your 2018 goals are, or swing by my Facebook page or Instagram and share your goals and thoughts there!