Commenting Policy

Hi there.

Since I got accounts in different parts of the Internets and people on said Internets have a tendency of being a little on the lazy side when it comes to localizing information I thought I might as well post this here. This is the commenting policy for my spaces, feel free to reference it frequently.

Some basic points to cover from the start, le rules:

My spaces are for positivity, learning, respectful discussions, and lifting each other up. Disagreeing with me and others is perfectly fine, but being aggressive and condescending and all that jazz isn't. Be mature and respectful and discuss what you did or didn't agree with, and leave your ego at the door.

Cursing is fine, just keep it general. For example, no gender-specific stuff.

We all like comedy, but the dated shit that relies on degrading other people just isn't funny. Don't degrade or be disrespectful to/about other people. This includes religion, racism, sexism, ethnic backgrounds, identities, etc. If you're going to do comedy, step up your game and be creative. The world will be better for it.

On that note, saying something "edgy" just because and then go "just joking" isn't fooling anyone.

Spam... just why? Don't. On that note: no flaming, no starting drama, don't trigger people on purpose, and don't piss of the admins.

Regarding the house keeping: I delete comments that are disrespectful and harmful. Yes. I decide. You know why? Because these are my spaces and I rule.

You may call that censoring if you wish, but I don't provide a journalistic service or anything like that. This is my place and I say what goes. If you have a problem with that you can move on to one of the numerous places that disagrees. Now that that's out of the way, let's look at the specifics.

Can I promote stuff on your pages?

Short answer is no. In very rare cases will I allow this to happen, and only after you've taken contact with me and we've had a conversation about it and why you want it promoted. If you do it without these steps, and been given the explicit allowance to do so, I will remove your comment, and if you keep doing it I will ban you.


Criticising people is easy, even more so on the Internet than in real life. Always remember that the person you're talking to is a person, with feelings. You're not being helpful by just shitting all over something someone has made without supplying some suggestions on improvement or general comments, aka. being constructive.

By being constructive in your criticism you're polite and positive, while highlighting issues that can be improved upon and give suggestion as to how to improve them. The difference is that you're trying to help instead of tearing down.

Possibly the most important thing to remember is that everything doesn't need to be improved upon all the time. Sometimes it's better to let it be what it is than be looking for things to comment on.

Rights reservedI reserve the right to delete posts/comments/etc. without notice or explanation. This post is subject to change as we go along.

Final words of greatest importance and the saying of the prophets You have a head. Use it. Or scutter on to another place that doesn't have such high expectations of you.