Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

The first few chapters were a bit confusing due to all the locations and names and such were used as if the reader knew them all. The language is fairly simple, with touches of more complex words and structures.

The love story was not the focus, at least not the way I read it, and for that I'm grateful. It was, however, a bit forced in its simplicity. There was no real trigger or development between the two. It was just a bit of "okay, they are sleeping together now, he has feelings for her now, she seems to be returning those feelings now", which annoyed/confused me.

I would have liked a bit more info about dragonlore, how the "between" actually work, and the like. It felt a bit like the author wanted to write a dragon story with a bit of a love story in it, but didn't bother too much with depth.

I like the book but it's not the best I've read. I think I'll read more of the series though, so all in all I think it's worth a read.