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Social Media can be a hassle to sort out, especially if you're trying to use it to build your platform. There are many things to consider when using it, but arguably the main aspect of it is the hashtags. A hashtag is a word or phrase used to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it (

It's a great tool to use for when you want to address a certain crowd with your post who might not like your previous one or be interested in the next. Most communities have their own hashtags, ranging from #amwriting to #foodporn, to #classiccar. Most important to remember is to not overdo it, I usually recommend to limit it to 5 hashtags per post.

So which to use as an author?

#AmEditing – a shortened version of ‘I am editing’. This tag is for posts from people who are editing. Another version of this would be simply #Editing.

#AmWriting – a shortened version of ‘I am writing’. This tag is used by people who are writing. Another version of this would be simply #Writing.

#AskAgent – the hashtag for any question you might want to ask book and publishing agents.

#ASMSG – Authors Social Media Support Group

#IndieAuthors – independent authors need to use social media in their marketing strategy. It's a good place for new authors.

#PubTip – publication tips.



#Writer and/or #writers, as well as #WritersLife

#WritersofIG or #WritersofInstagram on Instagram

#WritingPrompt and/or #WritingPrompts


Or just any version of #Writing______ really.

Common hashtags for every day of the week:


#TuesdayMotivation, #TuesdayThoughts


#ThrowbackThursday, #TBT




Spend some time cruising around and you're sure to find a couple of hashtags that fits your platform. Perhaps you'll find some that aren't even on this list. If you do, send me a message :D

Bonus hashtags:

#ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear (Twitter)

#WhatWoCWritersHear (Twitter)

These two are really good and important to read. Go on. You'll regret it in the form that it's awful but most of us can relate to the things posted there. So it'll be worth it, even if it's "just" as an eye opener.

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