NaNoWriMo - A Summary

We have left November behind and stepped into the crazy month that is December, or Holiday Extravaganza™. Before we dive head-first into that craziness we need to take a look at NaNoWriMo.

How did it go?

I wrote just above 11k words.

Why didn't you finish 50k?

Life crashed in. Sadly (well, not sadly for my personal finances but you know) I got a lot of things to do in November and therefore the writing had to take a backseat.

How do you feel about this year's NaNo?

I'm a bit annoyed that I couldn't reach 50k despite having planned properly for once, but I'm still happy with what I got out. It was a good 10k start for the sequel, and a good 1k start for a little fanfiction idea I got. ;)

What now?

I'll put more focus on the editing of the first book the next two or three months, but I will, of course, continue writing the sequel as well.

How far have you gotten on the first book?

I've edited it twice now. The beta readers are still going through it, so I'm editing for a third time as I get feedback. My lovely critic partners are also reading it and giving feedback, aka. even more editing there. When the beta readers and the critic partners are done I'll go over it once more and when that is done I'll be sending it to a professional editor. While the editor is doing their thing I'll be engaging a cover designer and get that area fixed while I prepare for the last edit.

Hopefully I'll get some extra time this weekend to record my "first" Youtube video :) Then I'll be able to post it next week already :D