The day is here! It is now! It's real! [insert more gushing and incoherent squeaks here]

It feels quite unreal to be honest. I've worked on this for the better part of 3 years now, from idea to finished product. I'm quite wondering what to do now :P It almost feels a bit empty, you know, behind all those awesome feelings of having published my first book.

I'm cheating a little bit and writing this a day or two in advance because the launch day is going to be hectic as hell. There's the fixing of the "venue" (aka. the offices of my dad's company), collecting of a pair of cakes, letting the catering in, setting up all that, gathering some of the wonderfully lost souls coming from out of town, and you know, hosting it all!

What terrifies me the most is the reading :P I'll read the first chapter, possibly the second as well, out loud. Out loud. I'm not scared of talking in front of crowds, but it's my writing you know. Everything that concerns my little book makes me nervous. Are there typos? Plot holes? Will people like it? Will the shipping work well? What about the e-book? Is triple checked enough? Maybe it magically gets weird at launch. It all terrifies me.

On the other hand, there'll be 15 people that I love there and that I know are extremely supporting and kind, so it'll be a blast I'm sure. And I'm so very happy that I've managed to do this and I'm looking forward to many more years of it!

So I'd like to extend a most grateful thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout this process! You all know who you are <3

Stay tuned on my Instagram to see snippets from the day, I'll be using Insta Stories to give you a taste of it! And we (aka. my boyfriend and I) will be recording and then editing parts to put publish on Youtube at a later time :)

Again, thank you everyone and I look forward to many more years of this wonderfully agonizing journey! <3