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Taigeria Archives is the name of my upcoming fantasy series, and this year I'm going to give you even more insight to my favourite world. I'll introduce you to the six races inhabiting the lands, to the five ages that has passed so far, and to the many wonders that has come and gone.

In this post I'll tell you a little about the world, Thykall, in the fifth age. The first novel takes place in the fifth age of the world, which is arguably the golden age of innovation and development. During this age the world takes leaps in areas such as living standards, the harnessing of magic, construction, archaeology and history, and much more.

Thykall is made up by six countries: Hedalia, Apaitrea, Narusa, Naeena, Ilesme, and Zonia. Although not a country the Academic Academy is considered to be its own country in every sense but actually proclaiming it.

In general terms the countries are divided as such:

  • Hedalia - the largest kingdom, predominantly human.

  • Apaitrea - the home of nomad tribes of all races.

  • Narusa - the most religious country, predominantly human.

  • Naeena - the trade kingdom, mixed.

  • Ilesme - the home of the elves, predominantly elven.

  • Zonia - the home of the outlaws, mixed.

  • Academy - the home of academics, mixed.

There are also several different races living in Thykall:

  • Humans, average humans

  • Elves, more or less like humans but with pointed ears and longer lifespans

  • Fairies, small magical creatures with almost transparent wings

  • Dragons, large magical beasts

  • Aruhni, humanoid above water-creatures

  • Waterfolks, humanoid below water-creatures

That is the very basics of the world structure. Once a month I'll be posting about the world of Taigeria Archives, so if you have any questions you can ask them on my Facebook page, on Instagram, or Twitter!


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