Taigeria Archives 3

Taigeria Archives is the name of my upcoming fantasy series, and this year I'm going to give you even more insight into my favourite world. I'll introduce you to the six races inhabiting the lands, to the five ages that have passed so far, and to the many wonders that have come and gone.

In this post, we're going to talk about magic.

There are two types of magic in Thykall: Source and Connection.


Can be called Elemental as well. Those who have access to this type of magic access the source of the magic directly, which makes them much stronger than Connectors. Source magic drains a lot more power but is also massively more powerful. Its side-effects are usually unpredictable, and when overused it can lead to immediate death. As users of this type are born with the ability, they tend not to realise how much training that goes into learning how to control it. There are many different kinds of source magic; this is only the umbrella term. This type of magic is limited to fairies, dragons, and Aruhni. There exist only one known exception: the Guardians of the Blue Flame.


Makes a connection with the energies around them and influence them to make their spells work. Magicians never access the source of a type of magic directly, only the energies around them. Connection magic doesn't drain the user as much as source magic does, but it's also a lot weaker. It's a lot more precise than source magic, even at a fundamental grasp of it. There are many different kinds of connection magic; this is only the umbrella term. This type of magic is limited to humans and elves.


A source magic user can (although extremely rare to find someone so strong) move a mountain, whereas a connection magic user can locate an individual bird on the mountain.

A source magic user can see glimpses of the future, whereas a connection magic user can see higher levels of present-day probabilities.

A source magic user can light a candle with fire, whereas a connection magic user can vibrate the molecules around it to light it.

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