Taigeria Archives 4

Taigeria Archives is the name of my upcoming fantasy series, and this year I'm going to give you even more insight into my favourite world. I'll introduce you to the six races inhabiting the lands, to the five ages that have passed so far, and to the many wonders that have come and gone.

In this post, we're going to talk about religion.

There are plenty of religions that have come and gone over the ages. The ones explained below are all from the fifth age, around Alexa's time.

Vugen is the high seat of elven religion. It's a whole city filled with temples and shrines, all dedicated to different deities. Every year hundreds of thousands of people of all races conduct a pilgrims journey to the city to pay their respects. It's a city where every religion is welcomed and respected. It's housed in the elven country called Ilesme, and the majority of people who live in the city and take care of the temples are elves (each deity has their own followers who take care of their temple), but there are humans and Aruhni as well. At the Middle Day, the day that occurs in the very middle of the year, there is a massive festival in the city, where each deity's symbol is carried through the city's streets. This is believed to bring new energy into the temples and expel the old, and bringing good fortune with it to the temple's followers.

Summin is the name of the monotheistic religion originating from the far western parts of Hedalia. The main seat of the religion sits close to the Hedalian border and is called Home. The leaders of Summin are called high priests and priestesses, and there is always 5 elected. It's highly hierarchical, and the most significant way to contribute to the religion is to go into the priesthood or to settle down and to produce children. They are expected to attend sermons at least three times a week and rehearse the teachings every night before bed.

Order of Anterra originates from the north, in the country of Narusa. The religion is heavily integrated with the Narusian society, which is entirely governed by the Grand Holy Follower ("Ka Mar Lok" in the language of the Book of Anterra). The high seat is located in the capital of Narusa, called Tenka, but has many smaller locations spread out throughout the country. The Grand Holy Follower dictates everything that is preached and enforced and considered the personification of the god Anterra.

Yod is a peaceful religion that only accepts males into their ranks. They follow the teachings of a single god that says that they will reach Peintar (their version of heaven) only when they reach a state of complete inner peace. Their leader is chosen by an elected council of 47 monks of senior rank and retain the title for ten years at the most.

Guardians of the Blue Flame is not necessarily considered a religion by those who are part of it. Every member has a manifestation of the Blue Flame in them, which is a requirement to be allowed to enter the order. They are all powerful magicians as the Blue Flame grants them power by turning them into source magicians rather than connection magicians. Most of history's most powerful magicians have been Guardians of the Blue Flame. Their affiliation can be seen when they use magic, as it takes on a blue colour. Throughout history, there are always at least a handful of new guardians born every generation. Their high seat is located on the Floating Islands, and it's extremely rare to find someone who has been initiated in the order out in the world.

Octavia is an all-female order of magicians dedicated to understanding black magic. As black magic has been outlawed by the Order of Magic, they operate under extreme secrecy, and very little is known about them.

Unane is a religion that have three gods: life, death, and the void. Its origin is unknown, and it doesn't have a high seat. Instead, there are religious houses in every large city and in many smaller towns. They follow the scriptures of Unane (Un - life, An - death, E - the void) and each house has their own religious leader, chosen by the community.