World Building Beginning

World building can be daunting and seem like the largest mountain you've ever created when you're starting out. Worry not, I am here for you. In this post I'm outlining the basics you need to establish. And I mean the basics. More to come in future posts!

Setting - the general stuff you need in order to establish your world

What's your world called? In the case of my world, it's called Thykall. That's the "planet", not the specific location(s) where the story takes place.

  • How is your world divided? In the case of my world, it's split into 7 known kingdoms located on one continent/landmass (with a few exceptions) and beyond those it's unknown whether anything actually exists.

  • Once that's done, give the individual countries/kingdoms/what-have-you names. If you struggle with this, the bare minimum you should name are the ones that are involved in your story.

  • Next up is the capitals, cities, villages, etc. same thing is applicable here: at least name the ones that are needed for your story. Anything beyond that is just to make the world more rounded.

  • Once you've completed the above mentioned steps it's time to make a decision: where will the story take place? The whole world, a few towns, a specific kingdom?

The specific settings - the stuff you need in order to establish the look of your world

  • I usually start with the general climate: is it warm, cold, humid, dry, and so on. This automatically generates a whole set of new information for you: in a cold climate humans usually wear more clothes, might struggle more with food, live harder lives than those who live in the Goldilocks zone. What insulates heat? Usually fur, and so they must be hunters as well, and probably eats meat. And so on.

  • Secondary to that is whether a place has all seasons or not. Perhaps a really cold place really only have winter, and another place further away has four different once, or why not six?

  • Depending on the previous mentioned aspects you can also make decisions regarding how the world looks. If it's a rainy place the ground is probably perpetually muddy, if it's really dry you might have a desert, and so on. Really channel our own world and how it'd be here, and use that.

  • Greenery. What types are there? Is it the lush, green, and friendly woods and bushes, or is it the tall, colourful, and probably dense jungle? They're pretty different, and brings about quite a variety of challenges and impacts on their surroundings. Is that leaf poisonous or does it have healing qualities?

  • Animals have a tendency to be different in different regions. Some animals that exist in the south might not survive in the north and are therefore not something a character from the north might even know about. Depending on the surroundings, the animals and their behaviour might differ. Give it some thought and write it down for yourself.

Hope you got some inspiration to write some stuff down, or at least know where to start!