GW: Writer’s block? Think again.

This post is written by a guest writer.

You probably have experienced something similar or it might not have happened to you at all. Either way, it’s quite tricky to distinguish between the two of them. Writer’s block could really occur. That’s for sure. But when it does, in my opinion, the best way to go about it is to brainstorm until you have at least found the direction you want to take in order to develop your story or article, or essay, etc. Everything else from “I could take a week off this paper and decide what more I want to include” to “Let’s give this story of my novel a month until I could figure it out” is procrastination, taking over the wheel. I also believe that it’s our fear of not being able to write something down or to finish it in the appropriate way that triggers it so we should try to take it under control.

Your stories and ideas are good. And even if they are not perfect, that’s why we have first, second, third and so on number of drafts - to turn them into what we have imagined them to become right from the start. So don’t give up and certainly don’t let procrastination or a writer’s block for that matter, steal your thunder.

Every single writer has experienced a writing block at some stage of their writing process. Whether it’s a novel or a short story we are writing but all of a sudden, reach an impasse that we don’t know how to get through; or if it’s a brief article for our blogs that we’re uncertain how to introduce or conclude. We’ve all encountered that huge obstacle. However, what I have just recently realized is that we should be careful not to make a mistake between what a writer’s block is and procrastination – both of them our enemies but certainly of a different nature and requiring different means to defeat.

Let’s take, for example, when my friend asked me to write something for her website, I immediately said yes, excited that I’ll get to write on whatever writing related topic we set our minds on. But what happened next was that when I decided to do it, the words just did not want to come out. Of course, I blamed it on a writing block. What I thought I needed was the tiniest idea to develop around. Instead of brainstorming or freewriting, though, I expected for motivation to naturally come to me. So I did some other things I usually enjoy doing, meanwhile waiting for the flow of words to hit me out of thin air. Well, you can all guess that didn’t work out so well. So I realized I was postponing it, not because I didn’t want to write but because I was relying on the easy way out – for some epiphany, for instance. Thus, for a countless number of times I had fallen into the trap of procrastination.

I'm Elvira Dimitrova and writing is one of my real passions. My current moto is to keep writing as much as I can every day. A friend of mine said, "Don't wait for inspiration to come to you." So that's what I am trying to do - make the inspiration come by writing. If you want to check my pieces, you can find me on, where I write on a variety of topics; on my Facebook page "Brainstorming with Elvira" and on Instagram @elvira.dimitrova1. I look forward to getting to know you all!