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What's this about?

Print on Demand businesses have been around for a while and a lot of them have one issue: marketing. I have to do it myself to get any traction. Redbubble has a ton of daily visitors and while their own internal algorithms can leave a lot to be desired, their strength from a business perspective is the easy setup of large product pools. Not to mention, the fact they do paid marketing for me as long as I pull in the first few sales myself, through marketing on social media or using their search algorithm or some other way. 


As we know, I am the "lower but sustainable effort over time equals results" kind of person so the fewer moving parts I have to handle for a project the better. Redbubble is exactly that. I always take a ton of photos or mess around on Canva anyway, so spending a couple of hours uploading 5-10 products every week is easy.


Another good thing with Redbubble is setting up the commission. I can control the  I get from each individual product. That way I can make more than 10 cents from a sticker, but I don't have to overprice the whole store to get any meaningful profits.


The initial setup is fairly slow, but that can be adjusted depending on how much time and effort you are able to put into it. If you have money to spend on it, it'll be even easier. Most stores don't really start getting regular sales until there are at least a couple of hundred designs listed on them. Once that starts happening, however, there will be a kind of snowball effect due to Redbubble's paid marketing.


Most normal stores (not merch stores for some massive YouTuber or similar) tend to cap out at monthly profits between 500-1000 dollars. To grow beyond that there might be a need to start another store. We will see how it goes. I might have specific niche or theme stores in the future.

What are the goals?

More or less extra pocket money. A lot of the other projects and their income is meant to feed larger projects and revenue growth. Being able to dedicate a revenue stream to just personal money I can use for basically self-care things and spoiling my partner will not only help me de-stress but also separate what money I use for myself and what I use for my business.


Of course, the goal is to at least max out revenue from one store at 1000 dollars per month, give or take.

Future steps

If I have any interest in growing multiple stores when I have maxed out one, I might have to ask myself if I want to automate parts of my business by hiring help. That is not really clear to me right now. Keep an eye out for updates on that.

For now, I don't have any other clear future steps to take, as Redbubble is fairly repetitive in its production.

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