Forward onto 2019

Welcome to the new year! Can't you feel how extremely different everything, including you, is?! 


Snarky snark. 


Something that will be different, however, is some parts of my platform. So, today we'll be going over what to expect in the coming year. It'll be fairly short, but here we go:


Blog and website

This year we'll delve a little deeper into things. 2018 was a lot of surface and beginning level of things, and this year we'll be taking some steps deeper. I've got some ideas lined up, including, but not limited to, a closer look on what to expect from a professional editor, and what allegorical writing means and how to identify it. I will also expand on the Taigeria section. I have so many plans I want to incorporate, the issue is that I have a specific image in my mind that I want fulfilled but I don't have the skills nor the money to get it done. I'll do my best despite that and fill it out. Let me know if there's a specific section you'd like to see more of first!



The beginning of the year will be quite slow on Facebook, due to the new algorithm updates the effort spent on the page just isn't worth it at this point. It will, at the very least in the beginning, be mostly reposts from Instagram and the occasional sharing of other content I might find interesting. 



This site will get an upswing! The aim is to post at least every 2 days. What that content will be is still a bit up in the air, but there'll be a return of the popular writing prompts (Tuesdays) and worldbuilding (Thursdays) posts. On top of that I've been testing out some new things in Stories that seem to be appreciated, which will be continued in the new year. The frequency of these posts is still unknown, as these are quite tricky to produce. 





My aim is to write more reviews. Since it helps authors so much I'm getting my ass into gear and doing my part. Plus, pretty easy content for my other places ;) Make sure to either friend me there or follow, to get updates about what I read. I've also put out calls for beta readers here before, so if that's something you're interested in, 'tis the place to be. 



I haven't actually used this platform much, short of occasional scrolling. I'm not planning on doing anything special with the account, maybe some sharing of content from other channels but nothing special. Feel free to contact/follow me there, I do share some fun stuff from more eloquent people. 



Project Black is underway, already with a solid 14k words done. The first draft is supposed to be done by the summer so I can send it off to beta readers and editor and such during the summer break (for those who get that), and then move onto finalisation and launch during the autumn. I also aim to put a dent into the sequel to Sword of Dalkor, working title Brewing Trouble. At the moment I have about 7k in that project, but I'm planning for it to be quite a bit longer than SoD (by popular demand :P) and so I hope that I might even be able to have the first draft done this year as well, if all goes well. I'm not going to overreach, however, and only have Project Black as a goal. 


Hope this sounds exciting! I'm quite pumped for it and I'm looking forward to another year of writing and meeting new people! I hope to see you there :D




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