Quarterly Goals (2-19)

It's that time again! Time to look back over the first quarter and see how we did with our goals, and then set a bunch of new ones!


  • Start up the YouTube channel - technically yes, but I'm not going to give myself a pass on this one. 

  • Send a newsletter - Nope, no time at all for this.

  • Do some SoD promotion - I did!

  • Keep up the regular schedule on Instagram - Yaas!

  • Write 3 monthly blog posts - I wrote them... I just didn't post them... So no pass. 

  • Write 10k on Project Black - Yes, but it might be a bit sketchy because I forgot to check the starting number...

  • Read and review 3 books - no, but 1 book (which is great since because of my slump).

  • Watch 5 skillshare courses - I'm pretty sure I did, but I forgot to keep track :P

  • Keep streaming regularly - YES!

  • Work on the newsletters - I did work a little on them, but not enough.

  • Groundwork for blogposts/articles later in the year - Yes. 

  • Update something in Taigaria Archives section - Yes! Check out the concept arts ;)

Total: 7/12



I'm balancing a lot of things right now, so while I don't think it's great it was alright. I hope to feel better this quarter, so that I can get more done. But! I do have to allow myself to breathe and chill a bit or I'll never get better. 


What am I aiming for this quarter though: 

  • Keep streaming regularly

  • Post videos on YT regularly

  • Write 20k on Project Black

  • Watch 5 Skillshare courses

  • Groundwork/continued work for blogposts/articles later in the year

  • Update Taigaria Archives section

  • Read at least one more book and review it

  • Keep up the regular schedule on Instagram

  • Check out World Anvil and see if it's something for Taigeria Archives

  • Write a short story

  • Rest

Those will be the ones for this quarter! Do you have any goals for this quarter? Or, if you don't do it this way, how's your year's goals going? 

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